MTMGMA 2024 Annual Conference Meet the Speaker: Bryan Peterson!

January 24, 2024 8:51 AM | Anonymous

We have an exciting line up of speakers at the MTMGMA 2024 Annual Conference April 15-17 in Fairmont, MT!

Meet the speaker: Bryan Peterson PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Resource Services at Associated Employers.

Bryan will be speaking on Organization Culture: Creating and Maintaining Your Ideal Workplace and a second session on Employee Recruitment & Retention: A Roundtable Experience. Read an overview of Bryan's sessions below! 

Hour One:

Organizational Culture: Creating & Maintaining Your Ideal Workplace

Organizational culture goes a long way in determining whether employees will stay employed with you.  It is one thing to have great mission statements, value statements and codes of conduct, but it is another thing to be living them.  This session will explore: the different meanings that culture can have in an organization, learning how to recognize what your current culture really is, the aspects of culture and how these aspects relate to the whole, understanding who truly decides what the day-to-day culture of your organization is, and how to make changes for the good of the organization and for your employees.

Hour Two:

Employee Recruitment & Retention: A Roundtable Experience

Recruitment and retention continue to be top priority topics for many organizations.  This roundtable event will begin with preliminary discussion regarding: aging workforce concerns, the important role the recruitment process can play in attracting talent, the important role the onboarding process can play in retaining recently hired talent, and how effective leadership and management can increase our odds of retaining talent.

The roundtable event will conclude with most of the session time being spent with participant interaction.  Participants will actively engage and share what is working for their organization from a recruitment and retention standpoint.  The goal of the roundtable event is for participants to learn from each other and take ideas back to their organization to implement and/or improve processes.

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